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Companies House Form SH10 – notice of particulars of variation of rights attached to shares

CHF - SH10 – Notice of Particulars of Variation of Rights Attached to Shares


Form SH10 is the relevant Companies House form to file following a variation of rights attaching to shares.

Following a share re-classification if there is also a variation of the rights attaching to the newly re-classified shares, form SH10 must be filed. The form must be filed with the Registrar within one month of the conversion having taken place.

When filling in this form you must state the date of the variation of the rights as well as the details of the variation of the rights.

This document is in PDF format and the up to date version of it can be found on the Companies House website by clicking on this link to the relevant page: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/give-notice-of-particulars-of-variation-of-rights-attached-to-shares-sh10.

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