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Types of Safety Signs in the Workplace.

Types of Safety Signs

Safety signs in the Workplace include the following (in some circumstances just one type will be effective whilst in other cases a combination of two or more will be required to reduce a risk):

  • signboard (eg. front lit notice) to provide information or instructions;
  • illuminated sign (eg. back lit notice) to provide information or instructions;
  • acoustic signal (eg. fire alarm);
  • verbal communication of predetermined spoken or recorded message (eg. important safety message given to passengers on departure of ferry or aircraft, or public address instructions used during evacuation of premises);
  • fire safety signs which can be in the form of any of the above;
  • hand signal (eg. to guide a crane driver or an aircraft pilot) where someone uses recognised signals with arms or hands to assist another who is carrying out potentially hazardous manoeuvres;
  • label (eg. front lit notice) on a container or pipe, such as a hazard warning symbol for the substance contained;
  • markings on surface areas to show obstacles or dangerous locations (eg. alternating 45 degree stripes in black and yellow or in red and white) or traffic routes (eg. white or yellow continuous lines).

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