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Maintaining the Effectiveness of Safety Signs in the Workplace.

Maintaining the Effectiveness of Safety Signs

The employer must ensure that the effectiveness of a sign in the workplace is not adversely affected by:

  • confusion, for example caused by too many signs too close together, or by using a sound signal where there is too much ambient noise or at the same time as another sound signal;
  • inadequacy, for example due to poor design, insufficient number, incorrect positioning, poor state of repair, fading, obstruction or incorrect functioning of the signs or signalling devices.

Removal of Safety Signs

The employer must ensure that a sign is removed when the situation to which it refers ceases to exist. This applies not only to occasional signs (such as may be needed as a risk control measure when a floor is temporarily wet during cleaning), but also to permanent signs no longer needed (such as after a process change makes the wearing of respiratory equipment no longer necessary).

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