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Members’ Clubs Guidance Notes, Forms and Templates

October 2014
A range of template Private Members’ Club Constitutions and Guidance Notes on Clubs, suitable for use by the many non-profit making community and voluntary associations throughout the UK which operate as Membership Clubs. Such clubs are typically engaged in social, cultural, sporting, political, religious, or other pursuits and activities.

Setting Up A Private Members’ Club

If you are planning to set up any type of sports, social, or other type of club, you will need to decide on the legal form it should take, and then you will need to write a constitution. To fulfil your start-up needs when you wish to set up a club, we have just created a completely new portfolio of documents for members’ clubs. This new set of templates, in conjunction with our existing portfolio of charity and non-profit documents and guidance notes, is a comprehensive resource to help you to establish a new club. It will also be helpful for an existing club considering whether to change its constitution or legal status.

This new portfolio of documents consists of three alternative constitution document templates; a Private Members’ Club Long Form Constitution; a Private Members’ Club Short Form Constitution and a Community Amateur Sports Club (“CASC”) Constitution. In addition there is a list of sports which will qualify for CASC status, and a link to the form of application to HMRC to register a CASC.

Guidance On Private Members’ Clubs

As a starting point you may find it useful to read the Guidance Notes - Clubs for an explanation of some important points that you need to bear in mind when you are planning to set up a club. It includes guidance about the nature of and differences between a private members’ club and a proprietary club, the different types of legal structure which may be used as the basis of a private members’ club, the pros and cons of using an incorporated or unincorporated legal form for a members’ club, and those essential features of a club and its constitution which make the club eligible to register and operate as a charity or as a CASC where the club wishes to register (initially or at a later point) as such an organisation.

The contents of this Newsletter are for reference purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Independent legal advice should be sought in relation to any specific legal matter.

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