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Employment Issue - Giving Reasons for Dismissal

Giving Reasons for Dismissal

After you and your employee have parted company there are certain matters which may need to be addressed in order to protect your position after termination and to confirm the rights and obligations of the outgoing employee.

Giving Reasons

If an employee has been continuously employed for at least two years (or one year for employees starting employment before 6th April 2012), they are entitled to receive, on request, a written statement of reasons for dismissal within fourteen days of that dismissal.

Although there are no technical requirements, the reasons must be clearly stated but no other formalities are involved. The reasons given have to be the true reasons but no consideration is to be taken (at this stage) of the adequacy of those reasons, though they would be relevant at an employment tribunal hearing related to a dismissal. If you, as the employer, fail to provide reasons or if the reasons given are untrue, then the employment tribunal may make an award of two weeks' pay, which is not subject to the statutory maximum.

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