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Identity Verification of Directors and PSCs

Who Needs To Be ID Verified?

The following people will have to prove they are who they say they are by verifying their identity:

  • existing directors,
  • new directors,
  • existing people with significant control (PSCs),
  • new PSCs, and
  • those who deliver documents to the Registrar at Companies House (CH).

Identity verification will ensure that there is always a verified natural person associated with an incorporation or a filing. Each director, PSC and those presenting information on the register will have an account that includes a verified identity and links their appointment in one place. Where an individual has more than one role or is registered with multiple companies as a director or a PSC, all that information will be contained in one place on the register.

Registration will require a legitimate identity document to be provided and matched to the individual. There will be different rules for new and existing directors and PSCs as well as corporate directors, which are discussed in our additional information here and here.

Anyone wishing to file documents with the Registrar will also need to verify their identity before they do so. This includes anyone delivering documents to the Registrar of Companies on behalf of another person, including companies.

It is expected that ID verification will be a one-off requirement. Once a person is verified, they obtain a verified status. There may be instances where re-verification is required, for example, if someone changes their name. Details will be set out in secondary legislation.

It is also expected that new systems at CH will ensure that a person who is registered as a director will automatically receive a digital notification informing them of their appointment and giving them the opportunity to challenge it. 

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