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What Information must be Recorded After a General Meeting?

What Information Must be Recorded Once a General Meeting has Taken Place?

It is part of a company secretary’s function to keep minutes of the proceedings at shareholders’ meetings. The minutes are usually then presented and approved at the next meeting and signed by the chairperson. The minutes represent prima facie (but not conclusive) evidence of the validity of the proceedings.

All shareholder resolutions must be signed by a director or the company secretary and if a special resolution, filed with Companies House within 15 days of the meeting. Copies of ordinary resolutions do not normally have to be notified, although there are certain exceptions, e.g. an allotment of shares under S551 of the Companies Act 2006. If an ordinary resolution does need filing, the 15 day time limit also applies. If a special or file able ordinary resolution is passed by written resolution, a copy of the written resolution must be filed at Companies House. A Companies House form may need to be filed in certain circumstances, e.g. if a director has been appointed or removed from office. Further details can be found on Companies House website.

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