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Office risk assessment templates

December 2012
Office Risk Assessment

Doing an office risk assessment is an important part of the legal requirement to carry out a risk assessment of your workplace. If your business employs five employees or more then the findings of the risk assessment must be recorded.

The Office Risk Assessment covers areas of Health, Safety and Welfare such as ventilation, lighting, workstation and seating, maintenance, drinking water and rest facilities. It is useful to know that slips and trips are the single biggest cause of injury at work at any time; a properly implemented risk assessment and action plan can help you avoid them.

Under Sections 2 and 3 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, an employer has a duty of care both to employees and to any others who may be affected by business activities. This includes any professional/trade visitors, contractors carrying out maintenance or repair work, and the general public. The office risk assessment documents in this folder will enable you to carry out a straightforward risk assessment of your office and provide for on-going monitoring that can help to make the working environment safer for your staff as well as enabling you to comply with the relevant health and safety legislation.

This office risk assessment forms folder contains forms to help you follow a systematic method of looking at work activities and assessing what could go wrong. Office risk assessment forms will help you decide what control you need to implement in order to prevent loss, damage or injury in the office. The forms include the Office Risk Assessment and follow on Office Risk Assessment Action Plan. We also include a fully worked example of an office risk assessment which illustrates the type of issues you may need to consider when carrying out your own risk assessments.

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