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Office Risk Assessment Form Templates

January 2013
This month Simply Docs has added to the Office Risk Assessments that were updated last month.

Offices are often seen as being ‘safe’ workplaces. Most of the time they are but in order for you to ensure that they remain that way you may need to assess the equipment that you use. Almost every piece of apparatus that you use at work will have some degree of hazard about it. These new Risk Assessments will help you to look at the machinery in your offices in a new light, so as to reduce even further the likelihood of anyone being injured.

These new Office Equipment Risk Assessments cover using a photocopier or printer, a guillotine, a laminator, cleaning equipment and standard kitchen equipment.  These are used every day without incident, however very little thought – if any is given to the positioning of them, so you can have power leads trailing across the floors presenting a very real trip hazard to everyone in the area.  It is useful to know that slips and trips are the single biggest cause of injury at work at any time; a properly implemented risk assessment and action plan can help you to avoid them.

The office equipment risk assessment documents in this folder will enable you to carry out a straightforward risk assessment of your office environment and provide for on-going monitoring that can help to make the working environment safer for your staff as well as enabling you to comply with the relevant health and safety legislation.

The office equipment risk assessments folder contains forms to help you follow a systematic method of looking at work activities and assessing what could go wrong. Office risk assessment forms will help you decide what control you need to implement in order to prevent loss, damage or injury in the office. The forms include the worked and blank examples of Office Equipment Risk Assessment; we recommend that you use the Office Risk Assessment Action Plan for any remedial works you feel are required.

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