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New IT Contracts

July 2012

IT plays a key role in virtually all businesses. From an internet business like Simply-Docs, to a building tradesman, IT will almost certainly play a vital role. Keeping your business’ IT systems running smoothly, therefore, is essential.

IT Security Policy

Good IT practice starts at home. By ensuring that the IT systems within your business are used appropriately and kept secure, you will go a long way to ensuring that things run smoothly. A good place to start, therefore, is with an IT Security Policy.

The all-new IT Security Policy from Simply-Docs has been designed to address a range of key aspects of IT security including the use of anti-virus software, keeping software applications and operating systems up-to-date, the use of appropriate access privileges and passwords, physical security measures for hardware, and a range of security procedures applying both to IT staff and to users in general.

IT Support Service Agreement

As much as we rely on computers from day to day, the one thing we cannot do is rely on them not to go wrong – often at the worst possible time. For computer users in many businesses, the solution is a quick telephone call to the IT Department. Not all businesses, however, will need or want a dedicated IT Department, thus making IT support services a valuable business in itself.

Derived from our popular IT Services Service Level Agreement, our new IT Support Service Agreement has been designed for use by businesses providing IT support both on-site and on a helpdesk basis. With flexible terms, and many important variables (such as the exact nature of the services to be provided and the price of those services) conveniently located in schedules for easy completion, the IT Support Service Agreement can be used for a broad range of services ranging from simple call-out maintenance when required to a fully comprehensive support package with regular maintenance visits and helpdesk support.

Co-Location Agreement

The IT needs of a business may be great, but the physical space and resources available may not. The costs involved in setting up a large IT infrastructure and retaining a suitable team of IT professionals to support it can sometimes be too much, particularly for small businesses. Co-Location thus provides an attractive alternative – allowing businesses to host the bulk of their IT infrastructure remotely.

Simply-Docs’ all-new Co-Location Agreement has been designed for use in such situations by businesses providing the rack or unit space for clients’ IT equipment along with power, communications, networking, security and maintenance services. The flexible terms of the Co-Location Agreement allow it to be used in a variety of situations ranging from the simple provision of space and security, requiring the client to repair and maintain their own equipment, to the provision of a fully comprehensive package complete with repair and maintenance services.

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