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New Template Documents for Lettings of Farming Land

April 2018

New Farm Business Tenancy Templates 

Landowners and tenants of agricultural land should note that we have added new Farm Business Tenancy Agreement templates and other useful documents to our Agricultural Property document portfolio.

Farm Business Tenancy Agreements

Our new Farm Business Tenancy (FBT) Agreement templates are designed to be used where the holding includes buildings. They include the necessary repair and insurance covenants. Different templates cater respectively for short-term lettings (up to two years) and lettings for a longer period.

Heads of Terms and Application Form

Our Heads of Terms for Farm Business Tenancy can be used by the landowner and tenant to record the key terms of the deal they have agreed. This document can then be used by the parties (or their legal advisers) to inform the drafting of the Farm Business Tenancy Agreement.

Our Application Form template can be used at an earlier stage, when a landowner is seeking a tenant for a particular parcel of land. The Application Form captures the prospective tenant’s contact information, employment and educational history and referee details. There is also the option to require submission of a business plan and budget.

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