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Data Protection Policy Companion

August 2019

For many, data protection and GDPR compliance is as daunting as it is essential. This is particularly the case for staff who may be working with personal data, but do not necessarily need to be experts. Not everyone working with customer details, for example, needs to be qualified to be your next data protection officer!

It is very important that all staff within your business who are working with personal data have a good working knowledge of the law, but on a day-to-day basis, a full-sized Data Protection Policy, covering all aspects of the GDPR, can be overkill and can in fact be self-defeating due to information overload.

New Accessible Template

To help make everyday compliance a little easier to digest for the non-experts in your team, we have created a new Data Handling Policy. This contains some of the core elements from our Data Protection Policies, principally those that relate directly to an individual’s conduct as they go about their work.

Designed to work alongside a proper full-size Data Protection Policy, this document lays down what essentially amounts to a set of rules for all staff and others working for your business that must be followed when working with personal data. In essence, this is a more accessible list of “do’s and don’ts”.

With that in mind, it is important to emphasise the role that proper training and more detailed policy documents play alongside the Data Handling Policy, and under no circumstances should this document be used instead of a fully detailed policy. It can, however, make the rules much easier to follow for your staff – something they will surely thank you for!

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