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Manual Handling Risk Assessment Templates

February 2012
Manual handling injuries account for almost a third of all reportable occurrences in all sectors of industry. These range from the occasional fracture to the more normal strain type of injury, with nearly half of all injuries affecting the back. Accident figures show that manual handling injuries are not confined to a narrow range of industries – over a third of accidents happen in wholesale and retail distribution.

Regulation 4 of the Manual Handling Operations regulations 1992 (as amended) and various other Health and Safety legislation requires that the employer has a duty of care to employees. Therefore, it is crucial that employers keep on top of the assessment and control of manual handling hazards in the workplace.

This month Simply-docs has comprehensively updated its Manual Handling Risk Assessment package and added useful new documents. The package contains various forms that will enable you to carry out assessments and ongoing monitoring of the manual handling hazards in your workplace, from the Manual Handling Risk Assessment through to the Manual Handling Risk Assessment Action Plan. We also include a fully worked example of a Manual Handling Risk Assessment which illustrates the type of issues you may need to consider when carrying out your own risk assessments.

This folder also includes new Guidance Notes – How to do a Manual Handling Risk Assessment. This is an easy to understand guide detailing how to carry out a Manual Handling Risk Assessment and includes a Risk Assessment Filter, which provides information on whether or not a manual handling risk assessment is required.

These Manual Handling Risk Assessment templates can assist the employer in providing evidence that the employer took steps to prevent a breach of legislation and accidents resulting from negligence in relation to manual handling hazards.

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