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Other Assessment Factors re: Manual Handling Assessment and Risk Reduction in the Workplace.

Other Assessment Factors

Is movement or posture hindered by personal protective equipment or by clothing?

A positive answer to any of the above questions indicates a possible risk forassessment. Informed judgement and a well-balanced approach are needed when considering these questions. The purpose of making the assessment is to identify remedial action to reduce all risks that contribute to the overall risk of the operation.

The employer should obtain Health and Safety Executive Guidance on the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 which includes detailed explanation of the significance of each question (see Publications and Assistance on Managing Risks of Handling Loads).

The employer must ensure that manual handling assessments are carried out by competent employees or other competent persons. In rare cases, such as in emergency situations, the assessment will need to be made on the spot by a trained employee or manager addressing the task that needs to be performed. In other cases, the assessment should be documented and considered in detail by a trained assessor in consultation with staff.

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