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COSHH-Additional Duty for Non-Disposable Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE).

Additional Duty for Non-Disposable Respiratory Protective Equipment

The employer must ensure that Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) provided, other than one-shift disposable respirators, is at suitable intervals examined thoroughly and, where appropriate, tested.

The employer should ensure this is done at least once a month. However, weekly or shorter intervals should apply where RPE is used in more severe conditions. And six-weekly or longer intervals may be suitable in the case of half-mask respirators used only occasionally or for short spells in low hazard environments.

Records of Examinations and Tests

The employer must keep a suitable record of the examinations and tests carried out on local exhaust ventilation; other engineering controls; and respiratory protective equipment. Furthermore, the employer must keep a suitable record of any repairs carried out as a result of those examinations and tests.

The employer must keep these records, or a suitable summary of them, available for at least five years from the date of examination, test or repair.

Records may be kept in any format, but they should be readily available on request for inspection by employees or their representatives; health and safety enforcement officers; and/or employment medical advisers.

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