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Appointing Health and Safety Experts

Appointing Health and Safety Experts

The employer must appoint one or more competent persons to assist him in performing any of his duties or in meeting any requirements of him under health and safety legislation and fire safety legislation.


Someone is competent where they have sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to properly assist the employer in taking the measures needed to comply with the law.

Co-Operation Between Competent Persons

The employer must make arrangements to ensure adequate co-operation between competent persons where he appoints more than one.

Adequate Number, Time and Means

The employer must ensure, taking account of the size and risks of his undertaking, the adequacy of:

  • the number of competent persons appointed;
  • the time available to them to fulfil their functions;
  • the means at their disposal.


    The employer must ensure that any competent person appointed from outside his undertaking is briefed on the employer's knowledge and assumptions about the risks of his undertaking to employees and others, and has access to the health and safety information he is required to provide to employees.

    Fixed-Term and Agency Staff

    The employer must ensure that any competent person appointed, whether an employee within his undertaking or someone from outside his undertaking, is given such information, as is necessary for carrying out their function, about anyone working in the undertaking who is employed by him under a fixed-term contract of employment; or employed in an employment business.

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