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Property Development and Buy-to-Let Scams

Property Investment Scams

Fraudsters target individuals promising that they can make money from property investment. You may be persuaded to invest in properties that are not built yet (and will not be built) or invest in buy-to-let properties which promise good rental yields (but there are no tenants, and the properties are derelict). You could lose all the money you invested.

If you wish to invest in property, you must do your research. Not only must you check the credentials of the proposer of the investment opportunity, but should carry out specific research on the proposal by viewing the property, ask questions, and find out as much information as possible about the site and the proposed development. Seek advice from a professional who can advise you on the proposed scheme.

If you think you are a victim of property fraud, you should report the fraud to the police. You can also contact the HM Land Registry (the contact details can be found here). You should also seek advice from a professional solicitor or Citizens Advice for further guidance.

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