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New Documents for Landlords of HMOs in Wales and Updated Guidance Notes on HMOs in England

September 2019

In the current uncertain market, Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) may be an attractive proposition as they can bring greater yields on investment compared with the market average. However, HMOs are heavily regulated and the financial penalties for non-compliance can be substantial. It is important therefore that landlords and managers of HMOs are aware of the regulations affecting HMOs.

There are different management regulations for landlords and managers of HMOs in England and in Wales, different planning laws for HMOs in England and Wales and different rules relating to mandatory licensing of large HMOs.

New template documents, and a guidance note, have been created to assist landlords of HMOs in Wales and other properties affected by a licensing regime in Wales.

Councils are also cracking down on illegal HMOs and recent cases have resulted in HMO Landlords having to pay fines to their local authorities for being in breach of the regulations, either failing to have a licence where one is required, or failing to comply with the licence conditions or failing to comply with the management regulations. In light of this, there has been a review of Guidance Notes: Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and Licensing of Private Rented Properties (England) and Guidance Note: Letting Property to Students. The review was done this month. All the templates are periodically refreshed and modernised, to ensure they follow best legal practice.

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