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Hybrid Working H&S Policy

Hybrid Working from Home/Office Health and Safety Policy


This Hybrid Working from Home/Office Health and Safety Policy has been created in response to the large number of people who continue to work from home on a hybrid basis after originally starting to work from home during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Hybrid working has now become a popular working practice. This policy is primarily intended for office staff who use desk-based IT equipment, although it can be adapted to suit those employees who are peripatetic.

This policy is designed to assist employers in making sure that they are looking after their employees who are now working from their own homes on a hybrid basis, as all employers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of their employees even when they are not working at the normal workplace. The policy covers such aspects as the provision of suitable IT equipment, including any specialist hardware, as well as ensuring the employee has a suitable area/workstation where they can work. There is now an awareness that, for some employees, working from home can sometimes have adverse metal health implications and this policy covers the provision of support to isolated employees.

When signed and dated by the most senior person in the business this document will affirm the business’ determination to be compliant with health and safety requirements.

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