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Allergen Notification Requirements For Providers Of Prepacked and Non-prepacked Foods

Food Allergen Notification Requirements For Food Businesses

These information pages provide details on the allergen labelling and notification rules that apply to Food Business Operators who provide foods sold pre-packed, non-packed or pre-packed for direct sale. Allergen labelling rules affect businesses that supply food or drinks to consumers. The rules are set out in the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation (No. 1169/2011) (FIC) and the Food Information Regulations 2014 (SI 2014/1855) (FIR)

The Regulations include a detailed list of common allergens that must be clearly communicated to the customer if they are present in the food product. For the detailed list please see the link below entitled “List of Allergens for Allergen Labelling Regulations 2014”.

In respect of prepacked foods the Regulations require that the food business operator displays a list of each of the potential allergens used in either the preparation or manufacture of the food, so that any potential consumers can see if there is anything in that food that they may be allergic to. “Allergen Labelling Requirements for Businesses Providing Pre-packed Foods”. In certain circumstances for non-prepacked food this information can be provided orally. Please see “Allergen Notification Requirements for Businesses Providing Non-prepacked Food”. Failure to comply with the Regulations is a criminal offence and can result in a fine and criminal prosecution.

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