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Health And Safety Annual Audit Form and Report


An Annual Health & Safety Audit is recommended for all businesses. The employer must have arrangements for monitoring and review of his/her health and safety measures.

The objectives of this form are:

1. Review of Health and Safety system, identification of areas of low/non compliance.
2. Identification of employee training needs to create a safer working environment.
3. Assessment of key hazards within the workplace, which will require a Risk Assessment.
4. Effectiveness of existing audits and management controls.
5. Recommendation for improvement actions for senior management team.

The template is divided into the following sections:

1. General Policy and Organisation
2. Arrangements to be Considered
3. Plant and Substances
4. Other Hazards
5. Emergencies
6. Communication
7. Training
8. Supervision
9. Keeping Checks
10. Consideration of General Risks Identified during Risk Assessment
11. General Observations
12. Fire Precautions and Observations

This Health and Safety Annual Audit should be supplemented as appropriate by the Assessment Checklists available for specific hazardous issues. If individual hazards are identified, these should be recorded and assessed on a Hazard Risk Assessment form.

All actions that are required as a result of the Audit should be recorded and monitored on the Health and Safety Annual Audit Action Plan.

This template is in fixed field format and contains macros. All macros are virus free. Always click "enable" if an automatic pop-up appears. Simply press TAB to jump from one field to the next and SHIFT + TAB to go back. Alternatively, use the mouse to click from one field to the next. The template can be unlocked by clicking on the "Padlock" icon on the tool bar. For further information on Macros and "Padlock" please refer to the Help section.

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