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Updated Health and Safety Statement and new Hygiene Hazard forms

February 2011

This month, Simply-Docs has updated its General Health and Safety Policy Statement and added new templates to the new Hygiene Hazard Analysis subfolder.

Updated General Health and Safety Statement

This statement of intent has been drafted with reference to the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. This legislation places obligations on employers to ensure the safety of employees, customers and other people that are affected by the business’s operations. This General Health and Safety statement is the first step in establishing a business’s health and safety policy. There are no standard rules on what you should include in your general health and safety statement; however such a statement is generally approximately one page long. It is essential that the most senior person in the business signs and dates this document. This template is suitable for any type of business with more than 5 employees.

Hygiene Hazard Analysis

Businesses handling food will welcome our addition to the Hygiene Hazard Analysis sub-folder. We now offer templates for reheated, chilled and cooked foods.

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