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List of CASC Eligible Sports

CASC List of Eligible Sports


Only if a sports club engages in a sport recognised by the Sports Councils can that club be set up as a Community Amateur Sports Club (“CASC”). A list of all sports recognised by the Sports Councils is maintained by Sport England on its website.

If you click here you will reach that list. When you arrive at that page, click on the title "Sports and governing bodies that we recognise" and then look for the heading "Current list of recognised sports".

You can then just look at the list on the webpage under that heading, or, alternatively, you can click on the link under that heading to the current list of eligible sports. If you follow that link, you will see the list in PDF format and you can save a copy to a location of your choice if you wish.

The list should be consulted before taking any steps to set up a CASC.

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