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Charity documents type checklist

Checklist by document type: Charity and other non-profit documents


This checklist contains the title of all charity and non-profit related documents and other items available to download from the website. Each title is a hyperlink to the relevant document on the website.

Unlike the arrangement of these documents in the Charity & Non-Profit Group, this list is organised by type. There is also a list organised by subject which accompanies this type list.

This type checklist is intended to help you easily find any documents which might be useful to you, whether you are about to set up a charity/non-profit organisation or are involved in its running.

The documents include guidance notes, template documents, standard letters, and forms. The list does not include every possible topic or type of document, but it is a good place to start.

You can click on any title to get to the related document, but we recommend that you first register with us, and, if you wish to download any documents, set up a subscription and log in to your Simply-Docs account.

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