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COSHH - Health Surveillance Records in the Workplace.

Health Surveillance Records

The employer must ensure that a health record is made and maintained in respect of each of his employees who undergo health surveillance.

The employer must keep the record, or a copy of it, is kept in a suitable form for at least 30 years from the date of the last entry.

Particulars approved by the Health and Safety Executive must be contained in the record. The approved particulars are set out as an appendix to the Approved Code of Practice for COSHH (see Publications andAssistance for Managing Health Risks of Substances).

The employer must, on reasonable notice being given, allow any employee access to the health records that relate to him or her.

The employer who holds any health records required under COSHH must, if he ceases to trade, immediately notify the Health and Safety Executive in writing and offer those records to the Executive.

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