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May 2010

Equal Opportunities and Preventing Discrimination

Employers have a responsibility to prevent discrimination in the workplace; so what should employers be looking out for? Our brand new Guidance Notes for Employers: Equal Opportunities and Preventing Discrimination should answer that question and provide information on:
- The types of discrimination and what constitutes discrimination;
- The areas covered by discrimination legislation;
- Examples of potential discrimination scenarios;
- Employers’ liability for acts of discrimination;
- Possible defences to claims; and
- Ways to prevent discrimination and encourage equality and diversity.

There are benefits to the employer too in preventing discrimination in the workplace:
- Discrimination can cost businesses heavily if a successful claim is made;
- You will be providing your employees with an environment in which they are treated fairly and considerately and can perform to the best of their abilities; and
- You will also ensure that you have access to the widest area of expertise as individuals won’t be discouraged from working for your business.

Previously, the equality legislation consisted of a variety of different Acts, now the Equality Act 2010 ties up all the existing equality legislation and as a result Simply-docs has updated the following equality and diversity documents:
- Equality and Diversity Policy;
- Equal Opportunities Policy with Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures; and
- Disability Discrimination Guidance Notes.

The Equality Act has also introduced provision for the publishing of information relating to pay differences between men and women, this has not yet come into effect and the anticipated effect date of 2013 may now not happen as the new government may potentially veto this change. In any event, Simply-docs will keep you up to date on this issue.

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