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Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Coverage-Exposure

COSHH - Coverage: Exposure

COSHH applies whether the hazardous exposure to a substance is at the workplace, near the workplace; or anywhere else affected by the work at the workplace, for example several miles down wind

However, COSHH does not apply to patients to whom a substance is administered in the course of his medical or dental treatment or examination; or where the substance is hazardous to health solely by virtue of its radioactive, explosive or flammable properties. There is also an exception where the substance is hazardous to health solely because it is at a high to low temperature or at a high pressure.

COSHH will not apply in those cases that are covered by workplace regulations on control of lead or asbestos (see B 8.3, Lead at Work; and see B 8.4, Asbestos at Work

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