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Letter - General Notice of a Director’s Interests



This Letter – General Notice of Director’s Interests is a director’s declaration of interests in companies, businesses or connected people that the company may potentially enter into transactions or arrangements with.

The Companies Act 2006 has placed requirements on directors to declare their interests in matters and / or connections to people in relation to which their participation or involvement may create a conflict of interest.

Such a declaration may be made either in relation to specific transactions or arrangements, or can be made by general notice, as follows:

- at a meeting of the directors, or 
- by notice in writing (under section 184), or 
- by general notice (under section 185).

This template covers the situation under section 185, i.e. general notice. For a Declaration in relation to a specific transaction, please see here.

A director need not declare an interest in the following circumstances:

- if it cannot reasonably be regarded as likely to give rise to a conflict of interest; 
- if the other directors are already aware of it (and for this purpose the other directors are treated as aware of anything of which they ought reasonably to be aware); or 
- if it concerns terms of his service contract that have been or are to be considered by a meeting of the directors, or by a committee of the directors.

This Letter – General Notice of Director’s Interests is made under section 185 of the Companies Act 2006. The director must send the notice to the other directors. The notice may be sent in hard copy form or in electronic form (if agreed by the other directors). The declaration will automatically form part of the proceedings at the next board meeting after the declaration is given.

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