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Individual Database Licence Template

Individual User Database Licence (No Personal Data)


This Individual User Database Licence is designed to govern the use by an individual user of a computerised database or a particular section of such a database.

Please note that this document is not designed for scenarios involving personal data.

This is a non-exclusive licence, meaning that the owner or provider of the database can issue as many copies of the database and / or permit access under this licence to as many individuals as it wishes. The licence is also non-transferable meaning that the user may not pass on the benefit of the licence to another and in so doing, deny the provider paying customers.

Please note that this licence is for a database per se, not a database software package. For such applications a software licence is required.

Optional phrases / clauses are enclosed in square brackets. These should be read carefully and selected so as to be compatible with one another. Unused options should be removed from the document.

This Individual User Database Licence contains the following clauses:

1. Definitions and Interpretation
2. Grant of Licence
3. Term
4. Limitations on Use of the Database
5. Intellectual Property Rights
6. Force Majeure
7. Liability and Warranties
8. Term and Termination
9. Law and Jurisdiction

And the following schedules:

1. Database
2. Delivery Media
3. Stated Purposes
4. Payment

This document is in open format. Either enter the requisite details in the highlighted fields or adjust the wording to suit your purposes.

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