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Small office-based business

Small office-based business operating from a local business hub

In this example the company is a web design company with an office in a local business hub. The company employs 10 staff within the business, all the staff use the shared facilities of the hub which in turn are used by upward of a hundred people.

Inside the office there are two options:

  1. Each desk can be separated by Perspex shielding to, in effect, create cubicles. This will allow physical separation by means of the shielding but will still allow a degree of interpersonal connection. It is worth noting that this form of isolation may not be conducive to team working.

  2. The second option is that only half the staff are permitted in the office at any one time, and no hot desking/sharing of IT equipment is permitted. If this option is chosen it is suggested that 50% work in the office and the other 50% work at home one week, and then the roles are reversed. Videoconferencing may be used to have team meetings at any time. In some firms remote working staff members have a constant video link (Zoom) between them, to make them feel as if someone is in the room with them.

The kitchen/breakout rooms and toilets will need to be cleaned/disinfected regularly. As the premises managers, this service should be provided by the hub and the cost will probably be borne by all tenants. The hub will need to arrange staggered times for use of the kitchen/breakout rooms in order to avoid any build-up of tenants and their guests in the common/shared areas.

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