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Checklist of Issues to Consider When Setting Up a Private Company Limited By Shares

Company Formation Checklist


This is a checklist of the key points parties need to consider when setting up a private company. Other types of companies may be formed, for example a public company or an unlimited company, however this checklist assumes a private company limited by shares. This checklist is partly based on the requirements of Companies House form IN01 (required in order to set up a company), but it goes further and considers other issues such as company assets, shareholder arrangements, the taking on of financing, the premises the company will operate from, the company’s tax position and the use of share option schemes, that are not considered in CH registration forms.

This checklist is in the form of a table which sets out the action that needs to be taken or considered with commentary by us to assist you, followed by empty boxes for the customer to complete as to status and responsibility etc. depending on the customer’s individual circumstances.

This template is a useful guide when setting up a company to ensure that all the main points have been considered. This checklist is not exhaustive but does include all the main headline points. How you use it will depend on the size of your proposed company, e.g. small family run or larger organisation and the type of business the company is intending to run.

This checklist should be read in conjunction with our Company Secretary & Admin group of documents.

This checklist is in open format.

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