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Catering Risk Assessment and Hygiene Hazard Analysis Forms

January 2011

Catering Risk Assessment and Hygiene Hazard Analysis Forms

This month Simply-Docs is providing new documents to assist in the management of food hygiene; adding a new sub-folder to the Health and Safety document folder and developing additional related documents specifically for catering.

It is a legal requirement (EU Regulation 852/2004) as well as good food business practice to make sure that food is handled safely. Conducting a hygiene hazard analysis and implementing measures to eliminate or reduce risks is a crucial step for any food business.

Simply-Docs has now published a set of Hygiene Hazard Analysis Forms specifically designed for the food industry. So far our hygiene hazard forms cover Fruit Juices and Smoothies, Green and Mixed Salads and Sandwiches made to order. These documents will help you to identify hygiene hazard risks, implement and maintain appropriate controls and manage on-going improvements of food hygiene practices in your business.

These new hygiene hazard analysis forms refer to several other documents. Additional documents now available include a List of approved suppliers, Foods Delivery Inspection Record and a Supplier Feedback Letter. All of these templates sit under the Food Hygiene Policies sub-folder. A Catering Risk Assessment and Action Plan has been designed to enable any catering business wanting to monitor and minimise the level of health and safety risks in their business. This form has been added to the Risk Assessments sub-folder.

Management of risks and hygiene hazards in the food/catering industry is essential if you are set to provide excellent services and products to your customers, so don’t delay – download and implement our new forms today!

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