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Covid-19 Business Continuity Action Checklist


This Covid-19 Business Continuity Action Checklist is intended to be a tool for use by a small business with few or no employees which operates from a single set of dedicated business premises, typically a sole trader or small company. Nevertheless, larger businesses or other organisations might also find part/s of this Checklist useful.

The Checklist is designed to:

  • supplement the Business Continuity Checklist in this subfolder – that and other documents will also be of relevance to Covid 19 and its effects
  • assist a business which the Covid-19 Pandemic (rather than any other event or circumstance) interrupts or otherwise affects adversely
  • address some basic matters and actions to be considered when seeking to identify and mitigate the effects of Covid-19
  • provide a starting point when considering actual and emerging threats to the profitability, stability and viability of a business arising from Covid-19.

The issues/questions raised in this Checklist are specific to Covid-19: for business continuity issues/questions in a non-Covid-19 context, please refer to other documents in this subfolder. However, some of the issues/questions covered in this Covid-19 Business Continuity Action Checklist might also be relevant in a non-Covid-19 context, and you might wish to consider whether any of these issues/questions arise in that other context.

This Covid-19 Business Continuity Action Checklist is in open format.

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