Exclusive Discount Offer for Start Up Donut Users - Recruitment

Start Up Donut Special Offer - Recruitment

Recruiting staff can be a burdensome and expensive process, and involve a mountain of preparation and paperwork.

For £30.00 (+ VAT) Simply-Docs can make this process affordable and simple, whilst ensuring you are compliant with current regulations. Download these ready-made, up-to-date, professionally drafted, editable documents:

This price provides unlimited access for one year to more than 530 Employment document templates for recruiting, employing and managing staff.

What to do now:

Step 1 - Register
Step 2 - Select Employment by clicking on BUY link at £35.00.
Step 3 - Enter the Start Up Promotion Code SDR3528.S in the relevant field - then click the OK button to reduce the price to £30.00.
Step 4 - Once payment has been completed start downloading any/all of the documents.

All updates and additions during the subscription period are free. At the end of the year your subscription does not renew automatically.

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