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Waste Transfer and Fire Safety

August 2011
The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 comes into force in September 2011 and will affect how businesses need to manage the waste they produce. Every company produces waste, so even if you think you don’t produce any you should read the new Simply-Docs Waste Guidance Notes to make sure you do not fall foul of the new laws.

The Waste Guidance Notes cover:-
• your Duty of Care as regards waste
• the Hierarchy of Waste
• how you need to store the waste your company produces and
• how to dispose of it
• hazardous waste, what it is, and how you can manage it

We have also updated the Waste Transfer Note in the Environmental Documents folder for those of you who already transfer waste materials to another party. From 28 September 2011, you must declare on your waste transfer note that you have applied the waste hierarchy, which means you must consider reusing or recycling your waste before deciding to dispose of it.

The Waste Transfer Note has been updated to allow you to be compliant with the above legislation.

Simply-Docs have added to the Fire Safety documents with an updated version of the generic Fire Safety Policy that you may have already downloaded. The document is simple to use, non industry specific, and one which will help make sure you are compliant with the Fire Safety Order.

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