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H&S Policy Templates Updated for New Guidance and best practice

March 2023

The Scaffolding Contractor Health and Safety Policy has been updated to refer to the new Guidance SG4:22: Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations and this updated version should be used going forward.  The Construction Health and Safety Policy has a new section on project management.

The following Health and Safety Policies have also been updated in accordance with current best practice:

  • Courier/Distribution Business Health and Safety Policy 
  • Workshop/Factory Health and Safety Policy
  • Plumbing and Heating Engineer Health and Safety Policy
  • Residential Nursing Home or Care Home Health and Safety Policy 
  • Pub and Restaurant Health and Safety Policy

Updates in the above documents include more information on Directors’/Partners’ duties and the identity of the appointed Competent Person.

Whilst earlier versions can still be used it would be best practice to use the updated versions when next completing a policy review. 

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