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August 2021

The 19th July “Freedom Day” has allowed a relaxation of some coronavirus related restrictions. However, it is still crucial that the workplace is COVID-secure, meaning that businesses keep up to date with the latest guidance and continue to have measures in place to manage the risk and protect workers, visitors and customers. An important part of this process is to complete regular risk assessments of the workplace. Each time that there is a change in Government guidance it is necessary to review your business’s Covid-19 risk assessment forms to check that the business is still managing the risk and that the measures that the business has put in place are being followed.

Carrying out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment

The worked example risk assessment forms are designed to help assessors get started when they carry out a risk assessment for their particular premises and should only be used as a guide/hints list when applying the COVID-19 Return to Work Blank Risk Assessment Form to their own particular locations. The Blank Risk Assessment Form is available in the COVID-19 Return To Work Risk Assessment group of documents. The idea of these worked examples is to prompt the identification of hazards, those at risk, controls undertaken and further actions. These worked examples are based on hypothetical situations.

It is imperative that any risk assessment is specific to each business, location, department and staff member and that all measures, controls and actions are carried out and not just recorded on the form. It is important to make sure that your assessment is suitable and sufficient. 

Updated COVID-19 Return to Work Example Risk Assessment Forms

Worked example risk assessment forms are available for a Shop, Hotel/B&B, Pub/Restaurant and an Office and they have all been updated to reflect the latest Government guidance. The main changes are:

  • the removal of the Test and Trace provisions;
  • the removal of references to “bubbles” and “the rule of six”;
  • reduced references to social distancing;
  • bars now open to guests; and
  • “requested” rather than “obligatory” use of face masks in certain situations.

These documents are also available in the Employment folder of document templates.

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