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May 2015

Continuing from the April Website Terms and Conditions update, May sees the release of the second batch of freshly-written templates. This month, the focus is on digital content and user content, including terms and conditions for digital content sharing, blogging and news websites.

What’s New?

Over the years since many of our website terms and conditions templates were first written, social media and content sharing online has grown considerably. Not only that, but the way in which we use the web has changed. Website operators put a lot of work into keeping up with new developments, both on their user-facing front-ends, and in their code and functionality. It is equally important, however, to keep terms and conditions up to date with changing habits.

The latest website terms and conditions templates from Simply-Docs benefit from a greater level of detail and clarity. Every term has been re-written, and designed to be as informative and helpful to both users and website operators as possible.

Intellectual property forms a particular focus for these digital content updates – ensuring that the valuable IP, particularly copyright, of both website owners and website users is protected. Provisions in the terms and conditions for digital content and blogging websites in particular make it very clear precisely what users can and cannot do with each other’s content. Some sites may be all about free and open sharing, with users allowing anyone to copy their work or incorporate it into something new. Others may prefer to act as a showcase for creative users who want to show off their work, but not share it freely. The new terms and conditions for digital content and user content offer a range of options in this area. Under the same heading, the new blogging website terms and conditions favour a limited on-site sharing approach taken by many popular blogging platforms.

For more details on the updates and enhancements to our website terms and conditions templates, check out the document links on the right or click here to view our April business newsletter.

What’s Next?

Our entire portfolio of website terms and conditions is being updated and if we haven’t reached yours yet, we will soon! We will continue rolling out our website terms and conditions updates next month with releases including templates designed for classifies, business directories and reviews.

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