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Health and Safety Policy for Erecting Scaffolding

July 2016

This new Health and Safety Policy for a scaffolding company has been written specifically to focus on the health and safety issues relevant to this trade and is suitable for a scaffolding company of any size; from a small partnership to a larger company or LLP. The policy refers to the Health and Safety Legislation, Approved Codes of Practice and guidance that apply to a scaffolding business.

This Scaffolder H&S Policy sets out the business’ commitment to safeguarding their employees’ health, safety and welfare at work as well as that of anyone else who may be affected such as passers-by or their clients.

This new policy works in conjunction with the following risk assessment forms in the Risk Assessment folder:

Also available is a Toolbox Talk Guidance Note and Form on Scaffolding which discusses the planning, erecting and maintenance of a scaffold and covers basic scaffold use.

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