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Loan Guarantee & Indemnity Agreements

June 2018

Loan GuaranteesĀ 

Loan Guarantees are often used where the lender in a financing arrangement requires the borrower to provide some security before financing the loan. It can be crucial for a lender to have in place a guarantee with terms which are suitable in the circumstances, in particular terms providing adequate protection for the lender.

Revised Loan Guarantee templates

We have therefore recently reviewed all of the guarantee templates in the Loan Guarantee & Indemnities subfolder to refresh and improve them, and to bring them into line with current practice.

Commercial Guarantees

We have also recently reviewed the various template guarantee documents in our Business Folder and have replaced them with a comprehensive range of new template guarantees covering a variety of situations and reflecting up to date commercial practice. Those templates deal with various situations where a supplier requires a third party to guarantee that the customer will pay for goods or services or where a client requires a third party to guarantee that a contractor will carry out its contractual obligations and meet its liabilities. You can see our Newsletter about these new documents by clicking here.

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