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Timber Frame Buildings: RAMS

November 2022

Two new templates have been added to the Health and Safety documents for use when erecting Timber Frame Buildings: a Site Work Risk Assessment and the accompanying Method Statement. 

These template documents can be used whether you are erecting a kit of pre-formed panels, commonly delivered on the back of a lorry and then hoisted into position by crane, or whether you are building the frame on site.

Many of the common risks that you are likely to encounter have been considered, although you need to make sure the risks and hazards on your particular site are taken into account.

The method statement has been written to show the sort of tasks and sequences you may use, although, as with the risk assessment, these are only guidance notes. You will need to tailor the form to your own workplace.

These new RAMS can be used in conjunction with other templates within the construction documents to help you create a comprehensive risk assessment package for your timber frame and roof construction.

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