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Charity Safeguarding Policy

September 2018

The Charity Commission has stated that it is essential for charity trustees to have and implement a safeguarding policy and procedure, and that safeguarding should be a key governance priority for every charity, regardless of the size, type, or income of the charity,not just a charity working with children or vulnerable adults.

To assist you in preparing such a policy for your charity we have this month added a template Safeguarding Policy For A Charity. It is designed to be adapted for use by a small or medium sized charity and/or as a checklist of a number of points that could or should be covered by a safeguarding policy.

This new policy document is the latest template to be added to our Charity Administration (Ongoing & Start Up) Documents subfolder. This new template policy and the other charity policy and procedure templates in that subfolder will save you time when you are drafting policies or procedures for your charity, and they will help you to both run your charity properly and efficiently and also to meet Charity Commission requirements and recommendations.

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