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All-New SEO Service Level Agreement Template

February 2015

SEOSearch Engine Optimisation – is big business and as with all business-to-business relationships, having a detailed, well thought out contract in place to govern the provision of services is vital.

Central to SEO is the delivery of measurable results – often in the form of increased Internet traffic to a client’s website. This makes SEO services particularly suitable to a key type of service contract – the Service Level Agreement.

Service Level Agreements or “SLAs” differ from standard service agreements in that they are based around a series of service level metrics – performance levels which the service provider is required to meet – generally accompanied by consequences of some form for failure to meet them. In many common SLAs the service levels will relate to response times to IT support requests and similar factors. What makes an SLA particularly suited to SEO services is that it allows for measurable performance targets to be based upon a website’s performance.

The new SEO Service Level Agreement from Simply-Docs does precisely this. Designed for use with a wide variety of SEO services, ranging from simple on-page optimisation to a full suite of different services including PPC campaign management, link building, social media campaigns and more, this highly flexible document not only benefits SEO providers by offering a detailed, fair and balanced contract; but it also benefits clients by enabling them to rely on service levels requiring the SEO provider to deliver measurable results in agreed timeframes.

Search Engine Optimisation is a highly competitive industry and one that is very much driven by achieving real, quantifiable results for clients. Far from merely holding SEO providers to account for their work, this SEO Service Level Agreement helps to demonstrate a commitment to achieving results, presenting clients with the reassurance both of confidence and of accountability.

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