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Retail Leases and Licences for Short-Term “Pop-up” Uses

October 2013
This month, with Christmas seasonal trading fast approaching, we have added to our Property document folder a variety of Leases and Licences for short-term “Pop-up” uses of Shop and Restaurant premises.

A “pop-up” shop is trading space that is occupied by a retailer – such as a shop, café or restaurant – for a short period of time. The legal documentation, whether a lease or a licence is kept simple, meaning that negotiations are concluded quickly and the tenant can move in and start trading without delay.

Pop-ups are in vogue at the moment, appealing to both landlords and tenants for different reasons. Landlords like pop-ups because they can fill vacant space, increase rental income and add interest to their retail premises.

For tenants, pop-up premises offer the chance to try out a new retail business without having to commit to a long term lease. Pop-ups also enable tenants to attract custom during a particular season, such as Halloween or Christmas, or at a limited-duration event such as a sports tournament or a festival.

Pop-up shops are commonly seen on high streets and in shopping centres. However, planning law allows pop-up shops to operate on land whose permitted use is not “retail”, in certain circumstances.

There is the “28 day” rule which allows land to be used for a temporary use for up to 28 days in any calendar year, subject to certain restrictions. There is also, from 30 May 2013, the ability for office premises, non-residential institutions (such as school, church halls and health centres) and leisure facilities (such as cinemas, concert halls, sports halls or playing fields) to change use to retail for a single period of up to two years.

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