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Preparing for the GDPR

November 2017

The GDPR represents a significant modernisation of data protection law and one that takes into account significant new developments in technology and new uses of personal data that simply did not exist at the time of the current (until May 2018 that is) legislation, the Data Protection Act 1998.

An essential starting point in complying with the GDPR, and being able to demonstrate that compliance, is a data protection audit, assessing the current state of play within your business, determining the degree to which your current practices align with the requirements set down in the GDPR, and identifying areas for improvement.

New Data Protection Audit Template and Guidance Notes

Our new Data Protection Audit Template has been written specifically to assist in your preparations for the GDPR and has been largely structured around the core principles of the legislation and around the rights of data subjects.

The accompanying Guidance Notes have been written alongside the Audit template and are designed to be used in conjunction with it. Background information and guidance is provided for each and every part of the audit, helping you to understand the requirements of the GDPR and how they relate to the practices and procedures in your business.

The GDPR is still several months away, but there’s no time like the present to get started by getting a detailed and accurate picture of the current data protection state of play within your business.

Please note that as the GDPR is not yet in force, official guidance and best practice are still being established. Consequently, we have designed our Audit and Guidance Notes as “living documents”, meaning that as more official guidance and best practice becomes established over the coming months, we may make alterations and enhancements to better reflect them.

The contents of this Newsletter are for reference purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Independent legal advice should be sought in relation to any specific legal matter.

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