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Protecting Valuable Proprietary Information

March 2024

Confidential information is a valuable business asset. As a term, “confidential information” can encompass a variety of proprietary information, often including intellectual property and trade secrets.

Businesses of all sizes will deal with confidential information of some form or another. It may include things like business plans, details of contractual negotiations and terms, internal documentation, business methods, and customer databases. Continuing on up, confidential information may refer to more complex proprietary information such as research, patents, formulae, trade secrets, and much more.

To assist in protecting such valuable confidential and proprietary information, a new Confidential Information Policy template is now available. This new document has been created to assist businesses in setting out rules and guidelines to govern the access to, and use of, confidential information by employees and others working on their behalf.

Related Policy Updates

Other key policy templates, including the Access Control Policy, are being updated with cross references to this new policy document and will be added to this page in due course.

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