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Additional Method Statement templates

November 2012

Simply-docs has now completed its new Building and Construction folder with a final tranche of site specific method statements dealing with a variety of building and construction tasks.

The intention was to create a method statement to correspond to each site specific risk assessment in the Building and Construction folder. In a few cases the tasks are too simple for a method statement to be needed and other tasks require more than one method statement due to their complexity.

Method statements are common in the building and construction industry where work is often more complex and comes with a higher level of risk; individuals may be working at height on scaffolding or may be dealing with hazardous substances. A method statement enables a clear examination of each site activity and where it will take place to make sure there are built-in suitable health, safety and welfare control measures, thereby allowing the work to be carried out in safe manner and limiting any risks to the individual.  As it is good practice for the employees concerned to read and sign off on the method statement it also provides clear information to the employees concerned about the correct procedures and safety precautions they should be taking.

The method statement templates include various checklists as a prompt for each of the areas that are likely to need consideration, such as; the PPE that may be needed, first aid cover, welfare facilities, any special training that may be needed by the operatives etc.

If you are unfamiliar with method statements we have created a useful set of Guidance Notes on ‘How to write a method statement’. These Guidance Notes are specific to building and construction and should help you to understand the method statement process.

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