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Time Off/ Holiday

Time Off / Holiday

Working Time Provisions

Minimum annual leave for employees is currently 5.6 weeks (including public holidays), which cannot be replaced by payment in lieu during employment nor can it be carried over to the following year.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Working Time Regulations have been temporarily amended to allow workers to carry forward four weeks (20 days) of their statutory holiday entitlement into the next two years immediately following the year in which it was due if they were unable to take holiday because of the “effects of coronavirus”.

Emergency Volunteering Leave

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, workers have the right to take unpaid statutory emergency volunteering leave (EVL) in order to volunteer in relevant health and social care authorities. EVL can be taken in blocks of two, three or four weeks and only one period of EVL can be taken in any one 16-week volunteering period.

Public Service

You are obliged to give all employees reasonable time off with pay for public duties including jury service and JP service, or acting as a local councillor, state school governor or prison visitor.


Those facing redundancy must be given reasonable time off for job-hunting and retraining. Employees with at least 2 years of continuous service are entitled to statutory redundancy pay.

Antenatal Care

Any female employee is entitled to take paid time off for antenatal care. Expectant fathers, and partners of pregnant women, may take unpaid time off work to attend two antenatal appointments with the expectant mother.

Parental Leave

Parents of a child under the age of five (or and adopted child under the age of 18) can take up to 18 weeks' unpaid parental leave.

Emergency / Dependants' Leave

Employees with responsibilities for dependants have the right to take 'reasonable' unpaid time off to deal with emergencies involving dependants.

Trade Union Activities

Trade union officials and members must be allowed to take reasonable time off during working time for trade union activities and union safety representatives must be allowed time off to undergo suitable training.

Military Service

Territorial Army volunteers may only take time off with your consent and without pay, but Armed Forces Reservists have the right to return to their job at the end of their period of absence.

Acting as a Companion to Another Worker

Workers are entitled to take time off to accompany other workers at disciplinary and grievance proceedings, right to request flexible working hearings and meetings to discuss requests in relation to study or training.

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