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April 2010

The option to make lay-offs or to put employees on short-time working can be a useful tool for employers where there is a need to make temporary cut-backs due to a reduction in demand for work. In certain circumstances, lay-offs or short-time working can offer an alternative to redundancy.

The crucial first consideration for employers is to ensure that they have the right to lay-off employees or put them on short-time working, as acting without this right could put the employer at risk of claims for breach of contract, unfair dismissal, unlawful deduction of wages and more.

Simply-docs have therefore produced a lay-off and short-time working package. The package includes Guidance Notes for employers covering procedure, payment and duration and a set of template meeting and notice letters to cover common scenarios.

Where the relevant employment contracts are silent on the issue of the employer’s right to make lay-offs or put employees on short-time working, Simply-docs have created a Variation Deed which can be used to vary an employees current contract. Simply-docs have also created an employment contract for new employees ready to go with a lay-off and short-time working clause included.

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