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Section 21 Update

October 2023

Finally, the Government has provided some further insight into the proposed reforms to the private rental sector through a formal response to the Levelling Up Committee’s Report and Recommendations. The Second Reading of the Bill also took place and was passed in the Commons on 23rd October 2023.

The keystone of the reforms is the abolition of Section 21 no fault evictions. The Government has now revealed that Section 21 is to remain for the time being, however, this will only provide landlords with a brief respite. Section 21 will still be abolished in the longer term but only once improvements and efficiencies to the court process have been made, and a strengthened mediation and dispute resolution process has been put in place. More information about the court improvements is now known and includes:

  • digitising the court process to make it simpler and easier to use;
  • further prioritisation of certain types of cases, such as antisocial behaviour; and
  • improving enforcement through better recruitment and retention of bailiffs.

The Response also recognises the difficulties the original Bill posed for student lets and proposes the introduction of a further new ground to enable landlords to be able to guarantee possession for a new set of tenants each year. 

For the full Government Response detailing the above and other amendments to the Bill see:

The full Government Response detailing the above and other amendments to the Bill is available here (external link).

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